"How To Create Multiple Sustainable, 

Risk Managed, Consistent Income Streams, Without The Stress & Effort Of Mastery"


How mastery has prevented you from getting passive income, and what you must do instead

How you can create Consistent, Low Risk-High Reward Income, using Risk Management & Math

Why 'everything' you've tried in the past didn't work, and how you can do only what works

The Proven 14 Step System To Create 5 Income Streams Effortlessly

About Tim Low & Purpostry

Tim was a successful corporate lawyer for 20 years.

After getting to the top of his career, and completely burn out, he started a simple online business in 2016. He quickly replaced his corporate law income and then within the next year, built that into a million dollar business, working just hours a week.

He did that without mastery.

After trying to teach others to do the same, he realized that most didn't manage to replicate his success because they tried to 'master' the skills required.

When he taught these same students Purpose Led Proficiency instead, break through after break through happened, and Purpostry & Mastery Not Required were born.

Tim now teaches people all around the world to identify their lifes' purpose with certainty, then use that to create multiple sustainable, consistent income streams, so that they can live their lives' purpose, with complete peace of mind.

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